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Vegan Calamari with Aviko SuperCrunch Chips


This clever recipe using hearts of palm probably won't fool anyone that they're eating squid, but these vegan treats definitely taste great alongside a portion of Supercrunch Chips!



Serving suggestions

Ideal for canapés, or serving 4 for a light meal

Time to cook

Approx 40 minutes


  1. Cook Aviko Supercrunch Chips as per pack
  2. Prepare tartar sauce by finely chopping ingredients and mixing with mayo and lemon juice
  3. Drain hearts of palm and cut stalks into four pieces, removing the core from each
  4. Grind nori sheet into a fine powder and add  to all purpose flour with a pinch of salt
  5. Whisk together plant-based milk with gram flour and a pinch of salt to form a batter
  6. Coat hearts of palm in dry flour mix then wet batter mix
  7. Deep fry hearts of palm in batches to avoid sticking
  8. Serve calamari with chips and tartar sauce



  • Packet of Aviko Supercrunch Chips

  • 2 Cans of Hearts of palm

  • 200ml Plant-based milk (almond works well)

  • 50g Gram (chickpea flour)

  • 100g All purpose flour

  • 1 Sheet nori

For Vegan Tartar Sauce:


  • 200g Vegan mayo

  • 2 Gherkins

  • 2 Tsbp Capers

  • 2 Tbsp Parsley

  • Juice of Lemon

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