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Plant-based burger with Hash Brown Bites


Pimp up your favourite plant-based burger with a handful of delicious, golden hash brown bites.



Time to cook

25 minute


  1. Cook Aviko Hash Brown Bites as per pack instructions
  2. Grill or BBQ vegan burger and finish topped with vegan cheese
  3. Lightly toast bun
  4. Mix vegan mayo with ketchup to make vegan burger sauce
  5. Slice tomato, red onion and gherkin thinly
  6. Build your burger with spinach and sliced ingredients then top with Aviko Hash Brown Bites, burger sauce and burger relish, serve with a few Hash Brown Bites on the side


Vegan burger of your choice

Aviko hash brown bites

Vegan burger bun

Handful of spinach

Red Onion



Slice vegan cheese

Burger sauce (vegan mayo and tomato ketchup)

Burger relish

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