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Air Fryer Steak and Chips


Who knew Air Fryer Steak could taste this good!

This spicy piece of beef was so succulent after 10 minutes in an Air Fryer, perfect with a side of our SuperCrunch Chips!



Time to prepare & cook

30 minutes


  1. Combine spices and rub into steak
  2. Cook steak for 10 minutes in air fryer at 200C turning halfway
  3. Rest steak for 10 minutes
  4. Cook Aviko SuperCrunch Chips in air fryer for 10 minutes turning halfway


300g Steak of your choice (Ribeye works well)

Aviko SuperCrunch Chips

2 Tsp Smoked salt

2 Tsp Black pepper

2 Tsp Smoked paprika

2 Tsp Oregano

2 Tsp Cumin

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