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Our Top 10 Dirty Fries Recipes

Posted on 20/10/2020

Are you looking for some Dirty Fries Recipes with a difference? If so, you've come to the right place. We've been busy in the kitchen cooking up our top 10 dirty fries recipes, and had a lot of fun eating the results. Have a go at cooking some of these loaded fries and let us know what you think.

Great Chips for your Dirty Fries Recipes

Want to make the ultimate dirty fries? Make sure you use our restaurant quality SuperCrunch Chips and Sweet Potato Fries. They are perfect fries for loading with their crisp gluten-free coating to make sure they don't get soggy (there's more than meets the fry!).

Cajun Chicken Dirty Fries Recipes

Cajun Chicken Dirty Fries

Super spicy dirty fries with a kick, these Cajun Chicken loaded chips are easy to make, pan fry your meat and veg, cook your chips and then then mix everything together for a tongue tingling delight.

Add Cajun spiced chicken, peppers, chillies, spring onion and fresh oregano to your cooked chips for this spicy treat.

Patatas Bravas Dirty Fries Recipes

Patatas Bravas Dirty Fries

For a classic Spanish Tapas, top your chips with a homemade tomato sauce, aioli (garlic mayo sauce) and fresh chives.

Vegan Dirty Fries Recipes

Vegan Dirty Fries

Toss your fries with avocado, vegan bacon, chillies, coriander and red onion, then top with BBQ sauce mixed with vegan mayo.

Carne Asada Dirty Fries Recipes

Carne Asada Chips

This was one of our favourite Dirty Fries Recipes. You can pan fry your steak however you want, and as spicy as you want, we went hot hot hot.

Cook your chips and then finish them in the oven with cheese, chillies, coriander and avocado then top with your delicious, spicy, and succulent fried steak.

Pad Thai Dirty Fries Recipes

Pad Thai Dirty Fries

It seems a bit wrong to call this Pad Thai creation dirty fries as they are so elegant, not to mention scrumptious and easy to make.

Cook your sweet potato fries and simply stir fry them with chilli, ginger, garlic, prawns and fish sauce, and top with coriander, peanut and sriracha mayo. Perfection on a plate.

Pesto Dirty Fries Recipes

Pesto Fries

Blitz up a fresh and super easy to make pesto with basil, garlic, lemon, parmesan cheese, olive oil and pine nuts. Cook your chips and then smoother them with your pesto to make this fragrant and fresh dirty fries recipe.

Katsu Curry Dirty Fries Recipes

Katsu Chips

Make a simple curry sauce with onion, carrot, chilli, garlic, ginger, curry powder, and thicken with flour and veg or chicken stock, when nice and thick pour on chips and breaded chicken for a beautiful katsu chicken curry dirty fries recipe.

Chocolate Dirty Fries Recipes

Chocolate (WTFudge?!) Dirty Fries

We went a bit off centre with this dirty fries recipe after a colleague of our kept on saying how good they were. We had to see for ourselves, and they were surprisingly good and well worth a try if you want to create a lasting impression.

Whip up a chocolate sauce with fresh double cream and your favourite chocolate, then add to sweet potato fries with an optional sprinkle of cayenne pepper powder (we did this and it works really well).

Carbonara Dirty Fries Recipes

Carbonara Fries

Cook your chips and toss in whisked egg, grated cheese and cooked bacon, pan fry until the egg and cheese and cooked, serve and finish with pepper, chives and parmesan cheese. Move over spaghetti, chips have taken over!

Totally Tropical Dirty Fries Recipes

Totally Tropical Loaded Chips

Create a delicious dip with a difference for your chips with this sweet salsa, finely chop mango, chilli, fresh coriander and red onion then combine with lime juice. When your sweet potato fries have cooked, mix them with coconut flakes, chilli salt, and lime zest to complete this fruity and playful dirty fries recipe.