Great Food 2 U Diy Recipe Boxes

Aviko teams up with GREATFOOD2U

Posted on 21/07/2020

Aviko has teamed up with a new venture,, to supply the best chips for customers wanting restaurant quality, delicious food at home.

GREATFOOD2U is providing mainland UK with recipe kits from some of the best UK independent restaurants to create that out-of-home experience around the family dinner table. Some of the fantastic restaurants involved in this scrumptious new service include:

 Great Food 2 U Restaurants

GREATFOOD2U have created a home for some of the UK's best independent restaurants to offer their DIY recipe boxes. These boxes are ready for delivery, direct to your door. The DIY recipe boxes are made for those occasions when you want to recreate that restaurant experience from the comfort of your own home.

If you're looking for a Burger, a Burrito or a fine dining experience, the choice of foods is ever-growing. Whether it's a quickly assembled meal, a no-cook, a hand-held filling meal in front of a film, or a combined effort in your kitchen, GF2U have an options for you.

With demand for recipe kits growing exponentially over the past few months, it shows that us Brits love to cook and recreate restaurant brilliance at home. Now GF2U give you those secret recipes, sauces and combos that make the UK's fabulous independent restaurants stand out and serve mouth-watering excellence.

What is more, you can also purchase Aviko SuperCrunch Fresh through the site, the best tasting fries available to restaurants and now to you. It's a marriage made in heaven.

Supercrunch Chips available for home delivery

Check out GREATFOOD2U today and see what delights you can order for your next special treat.