Autumn recipes to get you salivating

Posted on 25/09/2020

With nights drawing in and days becoming colder, cosy and comforting autumn recipes need to make a return to your weekly menu. Delicious root vegetables and nutritious greens are coming into season this autumn, so stews, soups and roasted dishes are the ideal way to eat healthily and keep warm at the same time. We've selected some of our favourite autumnal recipes for you to try, let us know how you get on!

Autumn Recipes for Every Occasion

Sausage, Apple and Black Pudding Stew with Hash Brown Bites


For a midweek treat, this hearty dish is tough to beat! Succulent sausages and black pudding pieces with sweet apple and shallot is a guaranteed winner. Cook up a bag of crunchy, delicious Hash Brown Bites to complete with the perfect topping.

View the autumn stew recipe

Babaganoush with Sweet Potato Fries

Babaganoush Recipe Retail

This middle eastern dip is a close cousin of hummus but uses aubergine rather than chickpeas, and they're in season right now so this a great time to give it a whirl. A bowl of Sweet Potato Fries alongside for dipping won't last long, that's for sure.

Babaganoush recipe

Steak and Ale Pie with Hash Brown Bites


A British pub classic with a twist, top your pie with Hash Brown Bites rather than pastry for something a little bit different. Packed with in-season carrots and mushrooms as well as braising steak and IPA beer, of all the autumn recipes,  this is perfect to be tucking into during these autumn months.

Perfect Autumn Pie Recipe

Broccoli and Radish Salad with Potato and Cheese Gratins

broccoli-and-radish-salad-recipe (1)

For those lighter and brighter days have a go at this fresh and pretty salad of broccoli, celery and radish dressed with a super simple homemade lemon vinaigrette. Enjoy this healthy and nutritious dish with a side of Potato and Cheese Gratins.

Autumn Salad Recipe

Roasted Vegetables with Sweet Potato Gratins


Nothing says autumn like a steaming tray full of roasted root vegetables. You'll love this easy to create but hearty and filling recipe, and it goes perfectly with a few Sweet Potato Gratins and some toasted slices of ciabatta bread.

Roasted Autumn Vegetables Recipe